Passion Global Institute: Labs exist to equip our House, along with all believers, in a deeper discovery of theology, Scripture and ministry. The pastors of Passion City Church have identified several essential topics for this journey. Each of these topics have been developed into a series of two-day immersive lab experiences which will be facilitated by world-leading experts on the topics.  Upon the completion of 10 lab courses, participants will receive a Certificate in Theological Studies from Passion Global Institute, in partnership with Dallas Theological Seminary.

PGI Labs are short, immersive, equipping experiences designed to build participants’ understanding and articulation on a variety of topics within Scripture, theology, and leadership. Each lab integrates teaching from world-class facilitators with readings and projects designed to establish a foundational understanding of the topic. Past and future labs include:

FALL 2016
A Discovery of Global Missions
with Pastor David Platt, Pastor Louie Giglio, and Dr. Barry Jones

A Discovery of Bible Study Methods
with Pastor Ben Stuart and Dr. Mark Yarbrough

FALL 2017
A Discovery of The Trinity
with Pastor Afshin Ziafat and Dr. Scott Horrell

A Discovery of Apologetics
with Ravi Zacharias and the RZIM Team

FALL 2018
A Discovery of Supremacy of Christ
with Pastor John Piper and Dr. Darrell Bock

FALL 2019
A Discovery of Story of Scripture
with Dr. Mark Yarbrough

Coming FALL 2020
A Discovery of The Gospels
With Pastor Ben Stuart and Dr. Mark Bailey



For more information, please reach out to the PGI team at [email protected]